CMDB Secrets of Success
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How to build and maintain effective configuration models

Many CMDB initiatives fail because:

  • The initiatives only focus on discovering assets and not the relationship among assets, severely limiting the value of the CMDB
  • If relationships between assets are tracked, the information is maintained manually resulting in out-of-date information
  • With the widespread adoption of virtualization and cloud computing, the relationships are becoming too complex and dynamic to represent in the CMDB

This complimentary webinar from Third Sky and Neebula covers:

  • How to build effective service configuration models that deliver the value that CMDB’s promised
  • How to discover and maintain Configuration Item (CI) relationships while minimizing manual effort
  • How to exploit the fully populated service configuration models in the CMDB to achieve strategic Business Service Management
  • How to create and maintain service configuration models in a dynamic virtualized cloud environment.

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