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Maturing Financial Management for IT Services
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financial management

IT costs continue to rise. The business often has new requirements and expectations for existing service are high. The IT budget represents a significant portion of the overall annual enterprise budget and frequently, new projects require additional funding. The business is struggling to understand the cost vs. value equation for the service delivered by IT. To facilitate an understanding of the value that IT provides, IT financial management practices must be matured.

In this session, we’ll:

  • Discuss the benefits of undertaking an IT Financial Management maturity initiative.
  • Explore the key milestones along the path to maturity.
  • Discuss how Third Sky’s “Financial Management Flight Plan” can help your organization optimize the IT spend by closely aligning with the business to understand the cost and value of the service provided allowing for targeted cost reductions and investments.

Industry Trends in Strategic IT Service Management
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strategyAttend this IT Leadership webinar from Third Sky, presented by Reg Lo, one of the industry’s leading ITSM consultants and VP for Professional Services. Reg will discuss ITSM industry trends and how they should influence your ITIL/ITSM program.

Topics covered include:

  • Transitioning from Process orientation to a Service orientation
  • Transitioning from Application/Infrastructure Services to End-to-End Services
  • Transitioning from Project Portfolio Management to Service Portfolio Management
  • The changing Service Management Office
Incident Matching - A Key Step to Dramatically Improving Problem Management
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incident matchingProblem Management can feel either like closing the barn door after the horses are out, or a mind-numbing (not often fruitful) search for a needle in a haystack.

If this is your experience, Incident Matching will bring a ray of hope.

An important activity in the Incident Management process steps identified in ITIL v2, Incident Matching disappeared from the ITIL v3 Service Operations book and is now returned in the 2011 edition of ITIL.

Join Third Sky for a complimentary webinar during which we will:

  • Present and demonstrate the power of this simple technique to provide proactive, efficient and more successful root cause analysis.
  • Explore the promised benefits of Problem Management - support of more rapid/accurate resolution of repeat incidents and elimination of some incidents altogether.
  • Discuss how implementing this best-practice process can bring savings in productivity of the users and IT support teams.
ChangeNow: A Pre-Packaged Process and ServiceNow Update Set from Third Sky and Navigis
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**Please Note - Since the recording of this webinar, the name of the ChangeNow pre-packaged Process and ServiceNow Update set has changed to "Change EXCELerator"**


Third Sky and Navigis are launching a series of pre-packaged Processes and ServiceNow update sets that give you a near turn-key approach to ITIL process adoption.

These packages reduce the cost and time of implementing ServiceNow to a fraction of what you would normally spend.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about our first package: ChangeNow

ChangeNow combines:

  • Process documentation: swim-lane flow charts, change and risk categories, roles, responsibilities, policies, metrics, etc.
  • ServiceNow update sets
  • Training materials: slides, job aids, etc.
Applying a cost to Service Level Agreements, Operating Level Agreements, and Underpinning Contracts
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cost allocationAs IT organizations continue to mature, there is an increased need to identify the fully burdened cost of providing services to enable both IT and the business to make informed decisions about the level of service required to meet the needs of the customer.

While many organizations think they are adept at determining the cost of providing a service, in many cases additional transparency is needed into the costs of meeting service level agreements, complying with operating level agreements, and allocating underpinning contracts for shared services provided from external vendors.

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