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Request EXCELerator: A library of common service request workflows for ServiceNow
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Is it taking too much effort and time to create a critical mass of Catalog Items for the Service Catalog application?

Are you still handling service requests in your Incident application?

If so, the Request EXCELerator provides a library of 40+ common Catalog Items so you can launch your Service Catalog quickly and easily.

Using the Service Catalog to Provide Customers Real-Time Cost Transparency & Consumption
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Many IT organizations think they should be reporting IT consumption and IT costs to the customers on an annual, quarterly, or monthly basis.

If the goal of IT cost transparency is to enable the Business to control their IT spend, provide backward looking information isn't enough.

The pace of Business faster than ever before. In order to support decision-making, information needs to be delivered in real-time.

Watch this complimentary on-demand webinar from Third Sky and PMG to learn:

  • How providing real-time IT cost information is actually easy and something you can do today!
  • How the Service Catalog can allocate transaction costs in immediately
  • Mistakes to avoid when allocating IT costs
Defining IT Services for the Business
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Defining business services, or as ITIL 2011 clarifies it as “customer-facing IT services”, is difficult because the abstract nature of a service creates questions such as:

  • What does the business perceive as the end-to-end service?
  • How many business services should there be?
  • Why are there diverse opinions on what are the services?

This session uses real-world examples to explain key business process to IT service mapping concepts and provide a step-by-step approach for creating a business service catalog. It covers:

  • How to start with the business architecture, business capabilities and business processes
  • Examples of industry standard business process frameworks
  • Identifying business services and mapping them to business processes and capabilities
  • Getting the right level of granularity when defining services
  • How to validate the business services with customers
  • Creating a roadmap that uses the Customer-Facing Service Catalog to integrate with Service Level Management and Financial Management
New ServiceNow EXCELerator - Publishing the Service Portfolio
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Third Sky and Navigis are launching a new ServiceNow application that completes the missing piece in the Service Portfolio, Service Catalog and Request hierarchy.

ITIL describes the Service Catalog as a communication tool that answers the key questions that customers ask IT:
- What services do you offer?
- What does the service include / what are its features?
- What can I expect from a service level perspective?
Tips for ITSM Assessments - Learning How to Fish
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Customers that have made the decision to adopt IT service management typically make initial investments in ITIL Education. Many also recognize that regular assessment must be part of any continual service improvement program, and often hire a consultant to perform an assessment. The TIPA methodology is based on the ISO standard for process assessment and offers a vendor neutral, repeatable evaluation method that customers can use to self-assess their processes.

However, it is essential that assessments not be treated as a one-time event, and clients should take steps to ensure that over time staff learn how to self assess. This provides an ideal opportunity to leverage ITIL education, obtain consistent results and enable benchmarking with other institutions. Regular assessment can help key staff learn the importance of managing process work products, how tailoring guidelines can empower staff (rather than control them), re-enforce an understanding of process dependencies and focus the sequencing of improvement efforts in a way that minimizes effort and maximizes results.

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