The Importance of Education Programs
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Education Programs create willing and prepared participants for your ITSM initiative.

Organizations pursuing a service management approach need people who:

  • Understand the general value of service management
  • Understand the specific value of service management to their own organization
  • Understand the principles and methods of service management
  • Are willing to contribute substantively to the program
  • Have the skills and knowledge necessary to contribute

How does a cohesive ITSM education program create willing and prepared participants?

The right kind of education is the key. Different people will need different knowledge and skills, so tailoring the learning to the learner will ensure the best return on your education investment.

The timing of the education is another critical factor. Education occurring too long before it will be applied loses potency. Education occurring after related work is too far along could result in delays, mistakes or rework.

What do organizations do wrong when it comes to ITSM education?

The biggest mistake by far is a “scatter-shot” approach. Instead of running a class here and a class there, the most effective use of ITSM education funds is to create a cohesive education program, aligned with the overall ITSM program objectives.

What are the characteristics of a cohesive ITSM education program?

A cohesive ITSM education program is:

  • Designed to support and enable the fulfillment of the overall ITSM program’s goals and objectives
  • Tailored to the learners’ roles in the ITSM program – the right learning for the right people
  • Timed to maximize practical use of education to drive business success
  • Designed to develop internal expertise, gradually reducing reliance on external resources
  • Appropriately coordinated with other training/education efforts to maximize results
  • Effectively marketed to the participants and larger organization to create support for the effort
  • Reflective of the organizations’ employee professional development philosophy
  • Reviewed regularly for relevance to the overall ITSM program and adjusted as appropriate

A cohesive program may or may not focus on learner certification. The decision should be based on what will best meet the organization’s needs.

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