ITIL® Intermediate Courses
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The ten courses in the ITIL “Intermediate” certifications serve two functions. First, each course and associated examination represents an independent qualification in and of itself. Each qualification provides the candidate with a deeper and more practical understanding of the particular areas under study.

Second, each qualification also serves as a building block towards achievement of the currently entitled “ITIL Expert in IT Service Management” certificate.

Participants must hold the ITIL Foundation Certificate in order to attend these courses.

Candidates for the exam must also demonstrate 2 to 4 years professional experience on the ITSM market place.

Lifecycle Stream Courses

These courses are each designed to focus on providing an application and analysis level of understanding of one of the five phases of the Service Lifecycle, as described in the ITIL core library publications. Courses are targeted towards management and/or supervisory staff who require a detailed management/business level of understanding of the selected phase of study. A strong emphasis is placed on management and control activities. These certifications are worth 3 credits each towards ITIL Expert certification. The course are: “Service Strategy,” “Service Design,” “Service Transition,” “Service Operation” and “Continual Service Improvement.”

Capability Stream Courses

These courses are each designed to focus on providing a deep knowledge of a related set of ITIL topics to assist IT professionals, process owners and operational staff in enhancing their role-based capabilities and their ability to contribute to ongoing service improvement programs. A strong focus is placed on operational activities and processes of the capabilities under study. These certifications are worth 4 credits each towards ITIL Expert certification. The courses are: “Release, Control and Validation,” “Operational Support & Analysis,” “Service Offerings & Agreements” and “Planning, Protection and Optimization.”

Managing Across the Lifecycle Course

This course is the “capstone” course required* in order to achieve the ITIL Expert certification. It is targeted towards candidates who require a management and business level of understanding of the ITIL core lifecycle and how it may be implemented. Entry to the course requires that candidates hold a minimum of 17 credits from previous approved study. This certification is worth 5 credits towards the Expert Certification. These courses assess an individual's ability to analyze and apply the concepts of ITIL, with a strong focus on the management and control of the activities and techniques within the covered lifecycle phase, but not the detail of each of the supporting processes. This course is the “capstone” course required as the final step to achieving the ITIL Expert in IT Service Management qualification. This course focuses on business, management and supervisory objectives, purpose, processes, functions and activities and the interfaces and interactions between the ITIL core processes.

Delivery Details

These courses are currently instructor led and a public schedule is available. Additionally, Third Sky can deliver these courses at your facility, if you are unable to meet the minimum number of students required the remaining seats can be offered through Third Sky’s open enrollment to other ITSM professionals in your area.